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Inspection Hatches

Inspection Hatches
Safety inspection hatches to address the 'flues in voids' safety issue

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Inspection Hatches

Safety inspection hatches to address the 'flues in voids' safety issue, these should be fitted to ceilings or walls where the flue from a gas boiler or gas appliance is located behind. They should be fitted in appropriate positions to allow the inspection of flues and in particular the joints. These are manufactured to BS 476 part 22, they are 1 hour fire rated. They have undergone fire testing and have passed, they comply with Building Regulations B, D, E and M. Each product has the fire rating approval reference stamped inside. This NEW type is slimmer, lighter and easier to install

In the box 'Product reference' the 300 x 300 mm is IHV/33. The recent requirement introduced by HSE concerning the 'Flues in Voids (TB 008(Edition 2.1))' amendment to the gas safety regulations is something that can be seen as a problem for landlords and agents. The recent requirement states that the entire length of the flue must be inspected. Where a flue passes through a void or a false ceiling inspection hatches must be fitted so that the Gas Safe registered person carrying out a safety inspection or service can also inspect the flue to ensure that it is not leaking CO (carbon monoxide)

Inspection hatches should be fitted in approximately the same area as any joints in the flue. This is much easier for the engineer to properly inspect the flue. The better quality inspection hatch is typically made from metal and will be constructed with fire rated materials.


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