Leak Detection

Floodcheck 15MM
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Floodcheck 22MM
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gas-elec doesn’t just take care of your property’s gas and electrical safety – we can protect it from water damage too.

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Leak detection

Floodcheck is a 'smart' leak detection device that automatically turns off a building’s water supply in the event of a burst pipe, leak or even a forgotten running tap.

Frozen pipes

This anti-flood device also turns off the water supply when the air around Floodcheck drops below 3 deg Celsius.

Get away from it all!

Floodcheck can provide real peace of mind for landlords and homeowners who don’t want to worry about internal leaks in their properties - or for people who may want to go away during the winter months, secure in the knowledge there will be no frozen water pipes at home in their absence.

Olympic Standard

Floodcheck was installed in all 2,818 apartments at the London Olympics Athletes’ Village and won last year’s National Homebuilding and Renovation Award for Innovation.

Lower insurance costs?

In addition to protecting your property from the misery of burst pipes Floodcheck can potentially save you up to 30% on your insurance – and discounts will often be applied mid-term.

In fact, leak prevention is the holy grail of insurance companies. Last winter, they received 3,500 water-related claims a day and, over the course of the year, paid out £900 million for damage caused by burst pipes.

Indeed, a water-related claim is 13 times more likely than a fire claim and 3 times more common than theft, according to insurance companies.

Easier than finding your stopcock!

No more running around or crawling under sinks looking for the stopcock! Eye-level installation of the neat Floodcheck Remote makes it easy to locate. It is also simple to use, especially for elderly or ‘non-technical’ people with touch-button options to override and reset the system when necessary.


    There is a burst pipe or a tap is letting water run continuously, for a longer time period than average. The time can be set between 10 and 40 minutes.

    If the air temperature where the Floodcheck is installed goes below 3 deg Celsius.

    If there is a sudden unusual or abnormal demand on the water supply.

    If no water is used after 24 hours, the Floodcheck will turn off your water safely until you return.

    If a leak is detected the Floodcheck shut off the water supply until it is reset.

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