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voltage optimisation now available for the home

Saves up to 12% off home electricity bills

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Voltage optimisation is not a new technology; it has been widely used in industry for many years saving big businesses millions of pounds in reduced energy bills. Now VPhase has made this technology available for the home.

The unique VPhase product lowers and regulates the incoming voltage in a property, typically to 230V, giving householders immediate and significant energy / bill savings. The device must be fitted to the consumer unit by a qualified electrician.

The VPhase product is fitted next to the consumer unit and is simply installed by a qualified electrician.

It acts on the circuits where voltage optimisation is of most benefit. One single VPhase unit can be installed to supply all the socket outlets and lighting circuits in a typical property.

Connection to a consumer unit

Domestic voltage optimisation is designed to optimise voltage on induction circuits only. therefore resistive circuits such as electric heating are not included, as they would just have to be on longer to achieve the same output.

Through lowering and regulating the voltage, yet still operating well within the manufacturers' stated tolerances, many appliances and light bulbs will actually have their life extended through reduced loads and stress being placed upon them. in particular, light bulbs have been shown to last twice as long as those on higher non-optimised voltage.

VPhase is a must-have, green technology for most households in the UK. Once fitted, it's completely maintenance free for its 25+ year life. The device requires no lifestyle or behavioral change from consumers either, it's just a case of fit, forget and save instantly.


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