Coronavirus Anouncement

Gas-Elec group have carefully considered the Governments tactical position regarding coronavirus. Their strategy is to slow down the virus and allow a natural immunity to develop within the population, whilst protecting the vulnerable and elderly, and not shutting down the economy. So we carry on, we are not being encouraged to close our businesses.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our Staff and Customers and will review best practice daily.

We are rigorously implementing the highest standards of transmission prevention throughout our business including regular hand sanitisation.

Every member of our Staff have committed to wash their hands thoroughly at least every 2 hours and to try to avoid touching their face.

No hand shaking or physical contact with Clients or visitors

Anyone with the faintest symptoms to self-isolate in line with current government policy.

Whenever possible, keep a minimum of 2 metres from all people, as recommended by the Government.

Meetings will be kept to a minimum and where possible, conferences calls will be used.

Engineers will use protective gloves and respect the wishes of tenants and homeowners.

In offices, surfaces and equipment will be cleaned every day, to prevent the potential spread of the virus

The management team will continue to monitor the advice given by the government and take immediate action if that advice changes

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We keep information submitted confidential and never pass it to a third party.