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We need to collect some data about you to enable us to process your order. This necessity forms the legal basis on which we collect and retain your data, subject to the limits below.

We will collect the minimum amount of data needed to carry out the task, store it securely whilst we have it, and securely delete it once it is no longer required.

The length of time varies for different data, as detailed in our retention policy.

Some of this data may be passed to partners purely for the purpose of completing your order. It will not be used for marketing or any other purpose, and will only be retained by whilst necessary for the completion of your order.

Some services require periodic renewal, and we will notify you as expiry approaches.

Additionally, we would like to contact you with information such as changes in legislation, product recalls, and (of course) new services we are able to offer. To enable us to do this, you would need to consent by ticking the box. You may withdraw you consent at any time by emailing or by unsubscribing using the link on any email. Data Controller


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    We keep information submitted confidential and never pass it to a third party.

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