Hats on for hope: £500 raised for brain tumour research

Wear a hat day 2024

Hats on for hope: On Thursday, March 28th, the team at gas-elec spent the day wearing funny hats all for the great cause of raising money for Brain tumour research.  A great effort was made by the whole team, with cowboy, Christmas, and umbrella hats all in the mix!


But it wasn’t just our silly hats around the office helping us reach our fundraising goal, but Ollie Pontone’s microwave pasta bushtukka trail. Yes, you heard that right. With Ollie quoting, ‘3 Italians die every time someone eats microwave pasta, it only seems right for him to face the *not that bad* challenge of eating microwave macaroni and Bolognese pasta. Thanks to Ollie’s (and the Italians) sacrifices, the team has managed to reach the fundraising goal of £500!